Find us on the playa for:

8:00 am – Energization Exercises & Prayers for World Peace
Prepare your mind and spirit for another uplifting day on the Playa!

9:00 am –  Laughing BuddhaYoga
Get yogatic and stretch your inner Buddha at the Lotus Dome. Greet the day with a full heart and a happy body.

9:30 am – Naked Espresso for the Buddhist Heart
You supply the cup, and we’ll supply the naked…espresso that is!

10:00 am – Ask a Buddhist
Judeo-Christian worldview put a dent in your Burn? Confused about reality, the purpose of your burn, or how you got that tattoo on your ass? Come ask a Buddhist!

11:00 am – Chanting in the Lotus Dome
Join us daily in the Lotus Dome for Gongyo (the recitation of the Lotus Sutra) and Daimoku (Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo).  Reveal your inner Buddha.

Anytime – Open Meditation Space
The Lotus Dome is always open to visitors looking for a safe, sober space for chanting, meditation, yoga, or just a moment of quiet reflection.

Special Event Alert!
Bottomless Cereal Bar
Tuesday @ 9:30 am
What pairs better than ice cold bowls of sugary cereal and some steamy espresso? Nothing! Nirvana at Buddha Camp. BringYourOwnBowl for karma points! 

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