Repeating Events 2017

Gongyo and Daimoku: Buddhist Chanting
8:00 – 8:45 am
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Join us daily in the Lotus Dome for Gongyo (the recitation of the Lotus Sutra) and Daimoku (Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo).  Reveal your inner Buddha.

Naked Espresso
9:00 am – noon
Unadulterated espresso and Italian sodas in our shady cafe.

One Time Events 2017

Restorative Yoga
Monday 1 – 2:30 pm
Friday 9 – 10:30 am
Lost your zen at Burning Man? Restore the balance to body and mind with down-tempo beats and gentle yoga.

Bubbles and Bocci
Monday 5 – 6:30 pm
All kinds of bubbles! Just the one kind of bocci.

Vinyasa Power Yoga
Tuesday 1 – 2:30 pm
Breathe, stretch, flow, and find the power within in this all ages, all skill levels yoga class.

Short Term Marriages
Tuesday & Thursday 3 – 4 pm
Met someone(s) so special you want to spend the rest of your burn with them…or maybe just the evening? Come get playa-hitched!

Kids Pancake Hour
Wednesday 9 – 10:30 am
An epic pancake bar just for kids (and their parental units). Drunk adults in PJs and pigtails don’t count.

Buddhism for Kids
Wednesday 11 am – 12:30 pm
Introduce your little ones to Buddhism with creative movement, mindfulness practice, and chanting. You’re never too young to awaken your inner Buddha!

Wonder Woman Self Defense
Wednesday & Friday 1 – 2:30 pm
Kung Fu Master Fancy Pants’ kick-ass self defense class for women, femmes, genderqueer, and nonbinary humans. Awaken your inner Amazon!

The Shaolin Survival Kit
Thursday 9 – 10:30 am
Morning guided meditation and energy work to fill your soul post-sunrise.

Ask a Buddhist Life Coaching
Thursday 1 – 2:30 pm
Judeo-Christian worldview put a dent in your Burn? Confused about reality, the purpose of your burn, or how you got that tattoo on your ass? Come ask a Buddhist! Master mental demons and clear your energy with Buddhist life coaching. Invite joy into your life.

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