Attaining Buddhahood does not mean becoming something special or different from what we are. Nor does it refer to a transcendent state or entry after death into some pure realm removed from this world.

Regarding attaining Buddhahood, Nichiren says: “‘Attain’ means to open or reveal. It is to reveal that the beings of the Dharma-realm are Buddhas eternally endowed with the three bodies. ‘Buddhahood’ means being enlightened to this” (OTT p.126) So, attaining Buddhahood means opening and revealing the Buddha nature that we already possess. We need not go somewhere special to do this. It is within the realities of daily living that we build a life condition of absolute happiness, which cannot be upset or destroyed with external circumstances.” (An introduction to Buddhism p 27-28)

What does all this mean? In short, it means we are all Buddhas!! The purpose of life or a Buddhist practice isn’t that you move to India, get fat, wear a robe, and kick it under a bodhi tree (not even that you learn yoga). The point is to manifest the Buddha right here, right now.

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