BuddhaCamp is a Seattle based Burning Man theme camp offering a mix of Buddhism and mayhem.  We’ve attended Burning Mann 11 years running, and we are looking forward to our 12th year in 2018. Our community continues to grow and expand to include both Buddhists and non-Buddhists, and camp members from across the United States and around the world.   If defined by career, we are business owners, teachers, lawyers, project managers, engineers, software designers, machinists, government & health care professionals, barristas, and scientists.  At Burning Man, we are makers, builders, and participants.  We walk all roads of life choices and backgrounds, and come together in one 200 x 100 block of playa each August to create a temporary Buddhist utopia.

As a camp, we work together before, during, and after the burn to create a comfortable shared living space, multiple public spaces, and a series of Buddhist and espresso activities.  We work hard both to bring Buddhism to the playa, and to ensure that every one of our campers has the space to make, create, and share their own unique passions.

Photo Credit: David Julian, David Julian Photography


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