Burning Man

Originally a small gathering on a beach near San Francisco, it moved to the remote Black Rock Desert of Nevada in 1990, and began to grow.  Burning Man is now an annual event.  Equal parts experimental community and radical survival exercise, Burning Man now brings more than 60,000 souls to the the Playa for a week of building, making, creating, and playing on an epic scale.   While the event is typified by thumping base music, outlandish costumes, massive-scale art, and an extreme location, it is really much more than that; it is an opportunity to live, work, and create on a scale, and with a freedom, seldom seen in the default world.  The event is inspired and governed by the 10 principles:

1- Radical Inclusion

2- Gifting

3- Decommodification

4- Radical Self Reliance

5- Radical Self Expression

6- Community Effort

7- Civic Responsibility

8- Leave No Trace

9- Participation

10- Immediacy

For more information on the event, please visit the Burning Man Website

Phot Credit: Rod Hoekstra, Rod Hoekstra Photography

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