We like to believe that EVERYONE has a place in BuddhaCamp, waiting to be discovered.  We look forward to the fresh perspectives and new passions that new campers bring, and each year our event offerings reflect that passion.  You needn’t have any special skills, and you needn’t be a Buddhist to join us.  We seek free and willing spirits from all walks of life.

There are 3 attributes that all of our campers share:

1) The desire and ability to contribute time and effort PRIOR to the Burn.  We prepare as a team, be it in Seattle or from afar.

2) The desire and ability to contribute time and effort DURING the  Burn.  We love what we do here, and want you to be a part of it.

3) The ability to pay camp dues.  Dues are necessary to cover the cost of camp infrastructure (like shade, kitchen, shower, public and private spaces, a truck to transport it all etc.) and camp services (meals and public events).

Please CONTACT us if you are interested in joining BuddhaCamp.


–Special thanks and photo credit to BuddhaCamper and photographer David Julian.

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