Seattle Summit

Want to attend the next Summit? Here’s everything you need to know:

Who: Theme Camp Leaders and those who aspire to be

What: An opportunity to meet, talk, and collaborate with Seattle-area theme camp leaders

When: Sunday April 24, 4-7 PM

Where: Papa Polegasm’s Place – 9417 Linden Ave N, Seattle 98103

Why: Seattle has a rich Burner culture and a wealth of theme camps. This summit is meant to introduce theme camp leaders, facilitate communication and collaboration, and provide a forum for discussion. What will we discuss? Whatever you want! This is a casual, free-form summit.

Helpful Hints:

  • Come for some or all of the time as your schedule allows.
  • This is a private space. We encourage you to bring snacks, drinks, boozy cupcakes, and other playa gifts to share.
  • Bring your device and help upload group knowledge to the Summit Wiki.
  • We are located near the bus corridor and recommend public transportation.

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