Back to the Dust in 2018: 5 & Elektro

Wa-hooo! Just 49 days til the gate opens! BuddhaCamp is almost ready; we’re just putting the final touches on our little community. You can find us this year at 5 o’clock and Elektro for Buddhism and espresso 9am-noon daily. Gongyo and Daimoku are at 11 am. For a full schedule of BuddhaCamp events 2018, see the Playa Events Page.

For the camper-curious: camp is CRAZY FULL, but we still read every camper request with fresh eyes and open minds. So if you think you’re the best BuddhaCamp candidate out there, go ahead and send us a contact form and tell us why you’re awesome and how you might fit into our happy hippy community.

Dusty hugs

-Eight years without a playa name!

Image Credit: Rod Hoekstra, Rod Hoekstra Photography.

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